Coronado Community READ

Nominations Open September 1

Now in its eighth year, the Coronado Community READ is designed to unite the community through the shared reading of a single book. The program encourages discussion and participation in planned community-building events around the theme of the title, selected by you, the readers.

The Coronado Community READ Selection Committee, comprised of Coronado Public Library staff, community partners, and local book club members, considers all nominated titles and applies the established criteria to narrow the field down to 10 and then to 5 titles.

The following criteria are used to select the title:

  • The book should have broad appeal and potential to engage the community taking into consideration a range of adult readers of varying ages, literacy levels, and life experience
  • The book should be well-written and have compelling elements as characters, plot, and/or theme, included in its narrative and promote the exchange of ideas in the community
  • The book should be available in a variety of formats (paperback, audio, large print)
  • The book should be fairly recent and published within the past 5 -10 years.

Other considerations:

  • Is the author still living? Does the author have a national or regional reputation?
  • Is the book by a California/San Diego/Southern California author?
  • Fiction or non-fiction, memoir? Narrative non-fiction? Alternating fiction and non-fiction each year.
  • Is there a film or theater adaptation of the book?
  • Is the title available in other languages?
  • Does the book contain sensitive matter?
  • Is the book an award winner?